Andrzejewski Perogies

Andrzejewski Perogies

It’s a secret that I have kept in my back pocket for more than two decades.
Passed on from my grandmother Martha, the recipe only appeared in the kitchen on holidays and special occasions.
After my wife and I lost our jobs, he decided it was time to share our perfected perogies with the public.

After my great-grandfather immigrated from Poland, he changed my last name from Andrzejewski to Anderson to curb the constant mispronunciations. I felt it only fitting to bring back the original name for the family business.
But, don’t be fooled. Though they may be inspired by them, these aren’t your grandmother’s perogies.

These Jumbo doughy delights come in unconventional specialty flavours such as Taco, Philly cheese steak, Hot & Mild Sausage, Rueben, Pizza, Pulled Pork and apple pie. Traditional fillings are potato, vegan potato and sauerkraut.
There’s nothing like them on the market. We just added a new flavour – breakfast filling.

It’s the secret ingredient in the Potato flavour, divulged by Martha oh so many years ago, that gives them their unique taste. It’s a secret that Sandra and I intend to keep. Each one is hand made.

Perogies from scratch can be time consuming, Sandra and I have been making them for so long, we have an efficient system in place.

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