Haist Farms

R.C. Haist Farms is located in Fenwick where their family business has seen many years at various farmers markets before joining Grimsby markets.  The family operate a fifth generation 50 acre farm in Fenwick, as well as about 50 acres of rented land in the area.  Half that acreage is in sour cherries which goes directly to further processing, while the remaining acreage is planted in peaches, plums, apples, pears and nectarines. “We are the fifth general on this land”, states Haist, “and four of those generations are still alive”.  Haist states that she loves the Grimsby market, the people are so friendly, they have been able to build up a network of returning customers, and the market vendors themselves are very helpful.  R.C. Haist Farms is located at 501 Memorial Drive in Fenwick and have a road side stand for people that want her products throughout the week. Email rchaistfarms@gmail.com